Item #3895 [Vancouver Island, E.J. Eyres Photo] Victoria’s Bright Blossoms - All Aboard! Edmund James Eyres, Photographer.

[Vancouver Island, E.J. Eyres Photo] Victoria’s Bright Blossoms - All Aboard!

c. 1906. Mounted Photograph. An endearing studio composite action shot of fourteen young children squeezed into in a small-wheeled cart. The cart is being pulled by the bearded photographer whilst carrying his camera and tripod tucked under his arm. The occupants include a tiny dog riding at center front, and a doll on the lam - which is about to be retrieved by one of the escaping "Bright Blossoms". At first glance, the date in negative below Eyres signature appears to be "1906", but it could also end with an open "0" making it "1900". From 1894-1900 Eyres operated his business from 76 Yates St., Victoria, BC, which matches the address printed on this card stock. A gelatin silver print, measuring 2 x 2-5/8 inches wide mounted on the photographer's printed card stock measuring 3 x 4 inches wide. An uncommon, and beautifully realized miniature photograph of what are, after all, themselves miniatures. The photographer does a masterful job of capturing the action and the wagon's occupants. Fine. Item #3895

Eyres photographs are accomplished and uncommon in commerce. Only a very few of his prints were found online at the City of Victoria Archives with just two of his works found online at the City of Vancouver Archives, one of which, is his 1894 portrait of Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie.

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