Eight Page ALS Written by Pulitzer Prize Winner Elmer Rice While Onboard the Cunard Lines R.M.S. "Ascania" in 1926. Elmer Rice.

Eight Page ALS Written by Pulitzer Prize Winner Elmer Rice While Onboard the Cunard Lines R.M.S. "Ascania" in 1926

R.M.S. "Ascania" 1926. Letter & Envelope. An eight page, shipboard holograph letter, penned by the Pulitzer Prize winner and American playwright, Elmer Rice. Within, he writes to his friend Constance about his plays, family, travels and recent frustrations in some detail, with some vitriol aimed at a theatre owner [Charles Hopkins] who had just canceled Rice's play 'The Subway' via "(a letter!)" and goes on to say "I do not like your Mr. Hopkins. I have a feeling that some of the eradicated lines have entered his moral nature (what is known to the Psycho-Analysts as transference I believe.) I don't know what's going to happen to The Subway now... " adding later "Meanwhile I've sold my new play to the Theatre Guild" and that "this [information] isn't for publication". Additional playwrighting is discussed "Also, they've asked me to work on the revision of another play they've bought. The author expects to be in Europe this Summer and I'll probably work with him there." Rice then voices his dislike of the New York lifestyle "Seven weeks in New York discovered for me no enticement to take up my residence there again. I was indifferent to it at first, but towards the end of my stay, came to hate it. No, I'm afraid my temperament responds more graciously to the European order of things. I find myself preferring civilization, leisure and the arts of life to vastness, hurry, high moral purpose and crude energy. Paris seems more like home to me than any place I've ever seen." Written on Cunard Lines stationary (2 - 9 x 7 inch sheets folded to make 8 - 7 x 4-1/2 inch pages) and sent in a matching Cunard Lines envelope (3-3/4 x 4-3/4 inches w. the Cunard flag and banner on adhesive flap) with a UK stamp and a 1926 cancel. Letter is unmarked, folded in half for mailing and written in a clear, legible hand, envelope has been opened on the side and is toned with some stains. Item #3870

An insightful letter by Rice, written to his friend, and later longtime music critic for the San Diego Newspaper, Constance Herreshoff (nee Mills) who at one time taught at the 3rd St. Music Settlement in New York. Rice gives his return address on the flap of the envelope as the Investment Bank "Morgan, Harjes... Paris, France"

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