Item #2620 The "Gettysburg Edition" Measuring Scale for Handwriting (American Penmanship). Leonard Porter Ayres, 1879 – 1946.

The "Gettysburg Edition" Measuring Scale for Handwriting (American Penmanship)

New York, NY: Department of Education - Russell Sage Foundation, 1917 [1926]. Folding Chart. Leonard Porter Ayres was an American educator, soldier, and statistician who organized the Division of Statistics for the military during WWI and held the rank of Brigadier General in the United States Army. ref. wiki. Handwriting chart printed in black ink onto heavy paper, 9 inches tall x 36 inches wide with charting and graph examples given across the bottom for quality and rates of writing. Chart folded from original mailing, else fine. Fine. Item #2620

A nice copy of an early 20th c. American handwriting chart published by the Foundation that Ayres directed "He was appointed director of the Department of Education and Statistics at the Russell Sage Foundation in 1908 where he applied statistical methods to a number of educational studies including the Education Survey of the Cleveland School System conducted under the auspices of the Cleveland Foundation from 1915 until 1917". Case Western Reserve University's Department of History, the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History.

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