Item #2073 Twelve Canzonets for Two Voices (Publisher's Catalogue Title "Jackson's Canzonets, Opus 9" [Opus 13]). William Jackson, of Exeter, 1730–1803.

Twelve Canzonets for Two Voices (Publisher's Catalogue Title "Jackson's Canzonets, Opus 9" [Opus 13])

London: Longman & Broderip, n.d. [1780]. Paperback. Engraved musical score with sewn spine, small folio (12-1/4 inches [31 cm] tall), pp. 27, (28), [p. 10 and verso back cover are blanks] with publisher's catalogue used as both p. [1] and a cover sheet. Published date of 1780 from publisher's catalogue on p. [1] which credits "Longman & Broderip" as the printer and seller in title heading (ref. Krummel [Norton, 1990] p. 323 "...Lukey withdrew from the business in 1776 and the firm remained as Longman & Broderip until it's bankrupycy in 1798.") ; publisher's catalogue p. [1] also showing "Jackson's Quartetts Opus 11" (with a pub. date of 1775?) under "Vocal Music" section, thus assume this to be the 1780 (Opus 13) printing of Jackson's Twelve Canzonets. Score with tape repaired spine and gutter cracks to sewing, light soil, p. [1] with price in pencil to upper corner, trimmed close at foot but the plate mark on p. 2 is unaffected, a circular institutional and their deaccession rubber stamps to blank verso of back cover. Good. Item #2073

"Jackson's published compositions include: 1. ‘Twelve Songs,’ op. 1, London [1765?]. 2. ‘Elegies for Three Voices,’ op. 3, London, 1767. 3. ‘Twelve Songs,’ op. 4, London [1767?]. 4. ‘Twelve Songs,’ op. 7, London [1768?]. 5. A setting of Warton's ‘Ode to Fancy,’ op. 8, London [1768?]. 6. ‘Twelve Canzonets for Two Voices,’ op. 9, London [1770?]. 7. ‘Six Quartets for Voices,’ op. 11, London [1775?]. 8. ‘Twelve Canzonets for Two Voices,’ op. 13, London [1780?]. 9. A setting of Pope's ode ‘A Dying Christian to his Soul’ [London, 1780?]. 10. ‘Twelve Pastorals for Two Voices,’ op. 15, London [1784?]. 11. ‘Twelve Songs,’ op. 16, London [1785?]. 12. ‘Six Epigrams for 2, 3, and 4 Voices,’ op. 17, London [1786?]. 13. ‘Six Madrigals for 2, 3, and 4 Voices,’ op. 18, London [1786?]. 14. ‘Services in C, E, E flat, and F.’ 15. ‘Hymns in three parts.’ He also published two small collections of sonatas for the harpsichord, and various separate glees and songs. Jackson was also the author of ‘Thirty Letters on Various Subjects’ (three of them on music), anon., London, 1782; 2nd edit. London, 1784; 3rd edit. London, 1785, with author's name; ‘Observations on the Present State of Music in London’ (a pamphlet), London, 1791; ‘Four Ages, together with Essays on Various Subjects,’ London, 1798; ‘A First Book for Performers on Keyed Instruments;’ and various anonymous letters and essays contributed to periodicals. Posthumous publications were: ‘Anthems and Church Services by the late W. Jackson of Exeter, edited by J. Peddon’ (organist to the cathedral), 3 vols., Exeter, 1819; ‘The Year: a Cantata,’ London, 1859; and selections from his works, sacred and secular, 4 vols., published in London without date." wikisource accessed 1/16.

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